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Vision, Mission, and Values Print E-mail

Our vision is:

 "For Jesus Christ to be at the centre of our church and community and to see people rescued, restored, and released into their God appointed destinies".

Our mission is:

"To know Jesus Christ and make Him known through using our gifts by the power of the Holy Spirit in all the relational spheres of life".

Our main values are love, humility, holiness, faithfulness, obedience and generosity. We seek to be a Christ centred, worshipping, Bible based, Spirit filled, praying, believing, impacting community.

You can read more about the beliefs that have shaped our thinking in our Beliefs section.

Life Stories Print E-mail

We are a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and church experiences and as we believe God has brought us together then we seek to be united in working out our vision, mission and values. We have people who were raised in baptist, brethren, pentecostal, anglican, methodist, congregational and catholic churches and from the UK, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Georgia, Lebanon, Romania, India, Ghana and the Carribean.  This demonstrates the truth that we 'are all one in Christ Jesus'.  Each of us has a unique story to tell about how we came to faith in Christ and what God means to us as we journey through life.

Organisation Print E-mail

We have leadership team comprising 'elders' who are responsible for spiritual oversight and direction and 'deacons' who are responsible for specialist areas of service, normally in connection with the administration of the church and its work in the community.  Our leadership team is accountable to the church members and this is exercised through regular church meetings that we normally hold monthly.  Everyone who attends Bramingham Park Church is welcomed as part of 'our church family' whether their stay is short or long but for those who believe God is calling them to stay for longer then we encourage them to commit themselves more fully as members and we do this through a structured course, discussion and prayer.  We then support and encourage members to use their gifts both in the church and community to serve others. 

A Brief History Print E-mail

The vision for a church on Bramingham Park Estate was birthed by Limbury Baptist Church around 1980. Together with the Bedfordshire Baptist Association, the Baptist Union and other churches they raised the funds and purchased the land and a church-house.  The first service was held in a ‘field’ before any houses or infrastructure were built. Ryder and Heather Rogers were called to start and pastor the church supported by the Baptist Union Home Mission.  They began the church in their home, expanded into the developers’ information centre (A-frame, now rebuilt as St Margaret’s Parish Centre) and then into the present building in Easter 1990 which was largely built as a self build project by members, their families and friends.  In the mid 1990's Ryder and Heather moved on and Lauder Clarke led the church for a short while and during this time a small extension giving access to the first floor was added.  If you have been a part of our journey over the years then why not drop us a line to re-connect and perhaps send us one of your memories.


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