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We are a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and church experiences and as we believe God has brought us together then we seek to be united in working out our vision, mission and values. We have people who were raised in baptist, brethren, pentecostal, anglican, methodist, congregationalist and catholic churches and from the U.K., Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Ghana and the Carribean.  This demonstrates the maxim that we 'are all one in Christ Jesus'.  Each of us has a unique story to tell about how we came to faith in Christ and what God means to us as we journey through life.


Events Coming Up

Sunday Worship
Sun 17th Oct 21 - 11:00am
Sunday Worship
Sun 24th Oct 21 - 11:00am
Sunday Worship
Sun 31st Oct 21 - 11:00am
Sunday Worship
Sun 7th Nov 21 - 11:00am
Sunday Worship
Sun 14th Nov 21 - 11:00am

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