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Two are better than One Print E-mail

“You must stay at home” is the government’s current instruction ‘to protect the NHS and save lives’.  It is of course easy to write, easy to say, but very hard to put into practice because it creates other problems, not lease social isolation and loneliness. The Campaign to End Loneliness website includes some disturbing facts how loneliness is a real issue for millions of people (even before the pandemic) and worryingly, evidence suggests loneliness is worse than obesity, or smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and can increase the risk of high blood pressure,  heart disease and death by 25%. It effects all ages, men and women, married and single people.   

Yet this was not in the heart of God because of the eternal union, fellowship, and vitality of the Trinity and because God said ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness’. In fact, loneliness is such a terrible plight that God reserves it as the ultimate judgment in hell for those who stubbornly refuse his love.  In contrast, there is no loneliness in heaven and God’s plan for community and family are clear from the beginning.  After forming Adam from the soil, planting a garden for his benefit and pleasure and involving him in naming all the animals God observed ‘it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him’.   Not from the soil but from Adam himself, from one rib close to his heart, so that for all time we treasure our inter-dependence as men and women rooted in love and in particular the physical and spiritual union of becoming ‘one flesh’ in life-long marriage and being fruitful producing ‘godly offspring’.   

We wonder for how long Adam and Eve enjoyed creation and being together before their perfect union with God and with one another was forever scarred through the Fall (Gen 3) and how they coped with the emergence of loneliness and endured it over their long lives and there probably isn’t a Bible character who didn’t experience loneliness.  But God came in Jesus to reunite us with himself and each other but not before he also experienced abandonment on the cross ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?’.   

Now fully accepted, grafted and united in Christ’s Body, we can avoid  loneliness.  We are friends of God - Jesus came with invitations ‘follow me’, ‘learn of me’, ‘come aside’, showed us how to ‘love one another’ and after his resurrection promised ‘I will be with you’.  Through faith we have now been baptised into His Body and so are eternally united to Him and to one another.  But as members of His Body we are commanded to care for, speak to, instruct, encourage, live in harmony with and to love one another…in practical ways daily.  

‘Two are better than one’ so let us walk with each other in our marriages, families, fellowship and community with our words, ears, time and generosity!

Becoming a Christian Print E-mail

Becoming a Christian requires recognition of our failings - our sin - that separate us from God and a personal decision to believe in Jesus Christ as the only one who can save us from the consequences of sin and then to journey with him through life and into eternity following his way revealed in the Bible and through prayer.  Here's a link to a clip that explains. 


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