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How are you coping with dark, grey cold days,  the mostly grim news (here and abroad) and social restrictions? Despite all the optimism and hopes of New Year’s Eve just a week ago it’s is easy in the natural to be tempted to discouragement, doubt and worry.   Our leaders openly praising the ‘miracle of science’ rather than giving thanks to the Creator and ‘God of all wisdom’compounds our predicament because scripture teaches  ‘the fool has said in his heart there is no God’ and God scatters and humbles the proud.…but 'he gives grace to the humble' and the kingdom of heaven to the 'poor in spirit'.  

So at the opening of the year, we want to remind ourselves that our trust is in Elohim, creator and sustainer of all things, we strain to hear his word of direction and choose to walk on his path. That path might at times be meandering, misty and muddy but it is only on that path that we will be safe and can prosper as God intends. Last week there was a spectacular heavy frost resulting in trees and hedgerows transformed by ice.  God took plants that were ordinary, drab and ‘dead’ and beautified them with his frosty breath. Likewise God can breath on us by His Spirit to cause us to be vessels of glittering beauty in the  ’bleak mid winter’.   

Our starting point is Genesis 1:1 ‘In the beginning God’ reminding ourselves firstly that ‘from him, and through him and for him’ are all things. We exist because God gives us life.  Secondly that he created in 6 days everything that we see around us.  Wherever we look, whenever we look, however we look, creation displays the awesome, unrivalled, indescribable power, wisdom, and the love of God.  Thirdly, we remind ourselves that we are the pinnacle of God’s work. We are unique children of God, made in his ‘image and likeness’ and ‘a little lower than Elohim’ as Psalm 8 states which makes us significant, important, precious but also eternal, gracious, compassionate, holy and with the power to create. Fourthly, that we have a mandate to ‘be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it’.  We know that mankind has and is making a terrible job of that mandate because sin spoiled what God declared as ‘very good’ but God has come in Jesus to redeem and reconcile and recreate through the kingdom of heaven making each one of us ‘a new creation’. So now, God says afresh to each of us ‘be fruitful, increase, fill and subdue’ starting in our God given spheres of influence with our God given talents ‘to go and make disciples’. 

This begins in family and extends to friends, neighbours, colleagues and contacts. How can we fulfil our mandate? The days of creation give us keys: 

  • walk with utter dependence on God as our ‘light’ source; 
  • lift our gaze to the ‘skies' for strength; 
  • find nourishment in the soil of God’s word; 
  • regularly worship with ‘sun, moon and stars’; 
  • learn from and be inspired by every living plant creature.  

God said to Isaiah ‘Behold I am doing a new thing’ - so let us walk allowing him to work in us and through us.


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