God created human beings perfect, in his image and likeness and with a good plan and purpose for all

Creation of Man (Michelangelo)

Every person that has ever lived is precious to God and has significance and worth.

But we have a problem in relating to God in that the first humans, Adam and Eve, rebelled against God, gave way to temptation and the devil and people and the planet have suffered ever since.

We are born in sin and each one of us has fallen short of God's perfect moral standard.  We are spiritually dead to God, we can't appease God through our 'good works' and live as subjects of the kingdom of darkness.  Unless we get right with God then we will continue to live in the dark, suffer the effects of sin through life and then the terror of eternal judgement when we die.

Thankfully, God has reached out to us in love with a simple but profound plan of Salvation.